Kindergarten "Insectos!"
"A collaborative project experiencie, carried out in preschool (P-4). The task was to investigate an insect and share data with the rest of the class. So, all together, get a global information and embody it into a traveling scrapbook and this wiki. The online wiki lets included photos and video, and it's easy to share our work with more people, so this enrich our project. Problems: parents didn't know how to edit and upload their information, so the wiki was not complete at all. Just teachers could edit the wiki."

Kindergarten "Learning English"
A kindergarten class in Turkey learning English

Grade 1 - 1000 Names
"My grade ones and twos want to know what 1000 looks like. We are collecting 1000 names. Can you help us by adding your name to our wiki? Just click on edit at the top of the page, add the next number and your name AT THE BOTTOM, then click save."

Grade 1 "Our Hockey Story"
"We are learning how to write, so this page was created to allow us to write and edit together. Below is our story in progress. Can you help us to make it even better?
We began by deciding to write a story about a child who plays sports. The obvious choice for my class was hockey. (We are Canadian, after all.) We chose a name for the main character, and decided on a beginning, middle (including a problem) and an end. We are now working on making it sound like a real story.
Note: This wiki was used by Mrs. Cassidy's Class during the 2005 - 2006 school year. Since then, it has not been edited by my grade one students, but it continues to be edited by others who like to write. Its present form bears little resemblance to the story originally conceived by the six year olds."

Grade 1 "Rituals"
"In our grade one classroom, we are learning about rituals. Rituals are things we do every day or every week or every Saturday. Can you think of something to add to our list to help us learn?"

Grade 1 "Traditions"
"We are a group of six year old students who are learning about traditions. We have learned that most traditions are associated with a special occasion. Can you help us learn by adding to the chart below?"

Grade 2 "Mrs. Anderson's Class"
"Sharing our learning with the world begins with you! We hope you enjoy our wiki and take the time to read and write back. We'd love to hear from you and hopefully you will share your thoughts, ideas and learning too. We are just beginning our journey so please check back whenever you can."

Year 2 "Lunchbox exchange"
"This Wiki has been set up by Mrs N and The Smarties, a Year 2 class in Western Australia, and Ms D and her Third Grade Superstars in Kentucky, USA.
We are very interested in learning more about what the children in other countries eat for lunch and where they sit to eat it, so our teachers got in contact with each other to organise how to find out."

Grades2/3 "Here and There"
"Resources for our Unit of Inquiry "Here and There". "The development of global perspectives is supported through understanding our place in the world in relation to others."

Grade 2/3 "Structures"
"Resources and Reflections on our Unit of Inquiry into Manmade Structures." "Traditionally, the design of buildings and structures has been dependent upon the environment and available materials."

Grade 2/3 "Water for Life"
"Resources and conversation about our big idea: Water is essential to life."
See the discussion tab behind the Home Page

Year 4 - My Side of the Mountain
"The students in Mrs. Dearolph's reading class at Woodward Academy have been reading the book My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George. They have shared all that they have learned about surviving in the wilderness."

Grade 5 - Hobbit Talk
"Five 5th graders and I created this wiki - our first - chronicling our journey through the book, The Hobbit. It was quite an exciting experiment. While we are now finished with the novel, we still go back and add new ideas to our wiki. It includes writing assignments, multimedia projects, and discussions."

1001 Flatrworld Tales Project
" A global writing workshop between international and public schools around the world. We are using the story telling format of 1001 Nights to tell a new story, a story of our world. The format of 1001 Nights is unique, with thousands of different stories embedded within the one main story. We hope that our student stories will become "never ending tales," with each links to different individual stories embedded within our one overarching story."

Middle School




Summer Reading

"Wiki Historia is a free history encyclopedia. Middle School students from Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal School created this website in 2008-2009 to create a reference to important dates, people, and events throughout American History."


Mr. Bergmann's Wiki Home Page
(check the discussions behind the home page)

Grade 6 students learning about the human body open their own "online medical clinic."


Secondary School

Personal Portfolio
A Year 9 student's ePortfolio

Book Leads (Library Resources)

British Romanticism

Climate Change Debate

Constitutional Convention
"This wiki takes the history and politics of the Constitutional Convention from the summer 1787 and portrays them using the modern media tools of today -- "We were there!" Students must argue for their plan and against the plans of rivals after having a simulation of the Convention in class, and they must publish their point of view for all to read/watch/listen to the wiki. While learning the political history of the early United States of America, students also learn to compare and contrast the manner of politicking then and now, seeing the strengths and weakness of our time and their time."

Dr. Theodore Baehr and Euthanasia

"High school bioethics students write responses to an essay about Clint Eastwood film, Million Dollar Baby. Dr. Ted Baehr is the publisher and Editor-in-Chief ofMovieguide and as such has a distinct point of view. Some students agree with him, some disagree. Student text and voices explain their point of view."

US History Class wiki
"This wiki is our space for publishing our work, as well as working on collaborative projects. We are very excited to publish our work and share it with the rest of the world! .To see more of what happens in class regularly, visit my teacher website and browse through some of our many pictures. You can also go to our class blog."

The Philosopher King
"This is a collaborative project between two high school on opposite ends of the continent that create alternative plans to the Reconstruction of the United States after the Civil War, and then each class critiques the plans of the other. Images, videos, and text make up this project which seeks to have students appreciate the difficulties working politicians endure, as well as to the learn the history by doing."

German Art Project
Student work is on the German VoiceThreads page

"This wikispace is designed to help students succeed in science. I have incorporated web-based technologies to aid teachers developing science curriculula. Tools, applications, useful web sites, and science content are consolidated on this easy to use site. Content includes ecology, natural resource conservation, environmental science, and zoology. Comments, ideas, suggestions are not only welcomed, but encouraged."

Mr. Wilson's Class Wikispace
"The purpose of this webpage is to give students the ability to access notes and review materials. Weekly postings of class activities will be made on Friday. If possible class worksheets and notes will also be made available. Not all class activities will be posted to this webpage."

"Wij hebben deze wiki gemaakt voor hoofdstuk 4 van Explora Biologie-Nask voor HAVO-VWO deel 1.
Wij zijn leerlingen van het LRC uit Utrecht. We zitten in de eerste klas HAVO-VWO.
Als opdracht kregen we dat we een leuke, informatieve en intressante wiki moesten maken.

Onze wiki is verdeeld in verschillende thema's. Iedereen zit in een themagroep en taakgroep.
In een themagroepen maak je een hoofstuk over het aangewezen onderwerp met je groepje.
En in de taakgroep controleer je thema's zo kijk je of alle informatie klopt en of het niet van internet o.i.d. is."

RCHK Year 9 Disease Wiki
"Welcome to a place where we can collaborate and organize resources that will help us to better understand a variety of diseases."


IBDP Language A1: English


B SL Econ Yr1 class

MicroEconomics Unit

Central Economics Syllabus


IB DP History Medieval Options - Route 1

IB History HL


IB Geography 2009 - 2017 Wiki

Experimental Sciences

Science at George


IB Biology Lab Bank

Mr. Covington's Science Wiki IB Biology


IB Physics

CL Physics HL 2010

IB Physics Stuff wikified


IB Chemistry


ABC IB Mathematics





IB computing

This site has been set up to hold resources for IB Computer Science teachers and students in a publicly accessible place


ITGSopedia is created to support teachers and students in exploring ITGS through the new Guide 2012 Onwards. Using collaborative efforts of a wide range of educators and students, the ultimate resource ITGSopedia is being created to provide only the best current resources for every topic.

Inside ITGS
This wikispace is part of the InsideITGS cyber-classroom set up by two ITGS teachers in Beijing, China: Julie Lindsay at BISS and Madeleine Brookes at WAB.

This is wikispace has been set up for ITGS students at the Western Academy of Beijing to learn, collaborate and extend their knowledge and understanding of IT in a Global Society though the use of eLearning technologies.

Ecole Mondiale World IB School

Theater Arts IB Wiki


IB Librarians Continuum
"This wiki began with the pilot workshop for the Librarians Continuum in the IBAP region. The overall purpose is to examine the role of the library and librarian in all three IB programmes."

VoiceThread 4 Education Wiki
"This wiki was started by Colette Cassinelli ( but because of contributors like YOU - it has grown to be comprehensive collection of VoiceThread examples from students and teachers of all ages and groups. The purpose of this wiki is to gather examples of how educators are using Voicethread in their classrooms (or for professional development) and to share those examples."

Twitter for Education
"Using Twitter to improve teaching and learning"

TEFL World Wiki
"The TEFL World Wiki is a collaborative project with the aim of providing useful information for TEFL professionals".

Talkabout Primary MFL
"This wikispace is to categorise, collate, share & upload resources & links from the Talkabout Primary MFL ning network."

"EduTechWiki is about Educational Technology (instructional technology) and related fields. It is hosted byTECFA - an educational technology research and teaching unit at University of Geneva.
It is a resource kit for educational technology teaching and research, e.g. a note taking tool for researchers; aliterature review tool or a writing-to-learn environment for students. It also includes some (technical) tutorials that may be used in classes around the world or for self-learning."